Am 16.10.2020 startet die neue Rennserie auf Zwift. Die „Falling Leaves Tour“ führt euch über folgende Strecken.

Friday 16.10.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 1/10 – Crit City Crit City Bell Lap 15 laps
Friday 23.10.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 2/10 – France France La Reine 1 lap
Friday 30.10.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 3/10 – Watopia Watopia The Magnificent 8 2 laps
Friday 06.11.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 4/10 – Yorkshire Yorkshire Harrogate Circuit Reverse 2 laps
Friday 13.11.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 5/10 – France France Douce France 2 laps
Friday 20.11.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 6/10 – Innsbruck Innsbruck Innsbruck KOM After Party 1 lap
Friday 27.11.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 7/10 – London London Greatest London Flat 2 laps
Friday 04.12.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 8/10 – New York New York NYC KOM After Party 1 lap
Friday 11.12.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 9/10 – Bologna Bologna Bologna Time Trial 2 laps
Friday 18.12.2020 ZRG-CC Falling Leaves Tour 10/10 – Richmond Richmond Libby Hill After Party 1 x

Being highly competitive all wo/men will cross the start line and riding together but ranked separately across the categories. For having fun – race hard, race fair and respect the categories.

Please ensure you use your ZwiftPower WKG for race entry.
(A) >= 4.0 W/kg; women will be classified in Cat. E on ZP
(B) 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg; women will be classified in Cat. F on ZP
(C) 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg; women will be classified in Cat. G on ZP
(D) <= 2.49 W/kg; women will be classified in Cat. H on ZP

– Heart rate monitors and Cadence compulsory for all categories
– Power Meter and/or Smart Trainers needed; using zPower will be DQ
– Choosing lower category than ZwiftPower says will cause DQ
– Riding outside chosen category (95% of CP20) will cause DQ
– Riding very unrealistically or cheating may be DQ as well
– In-game PowerUps are not allowed
– DoubleDraft will be turned off

Best 8 results of each rider will enter in the general classification for each category.
Best 5 riders of a team in each category will be classified. Best 8 results enter into team classification.

More race details, full rules and final results, based on your category (separated for wo/men), may be found on Remember you need to have a registered account with and accepted their terms and conditions to be in the results of the race. Please also maintain an open Strava profile to facilitate organiser inquiry.

We hope everyone gets a great time and fun in this part of ZRG’s Race Series.
. Best 5 riders of a team will be rated in team classification.

Für Einsteiger, so richtest du deinen Zwiftpower Account ein:

Stephan Picker

Über den Autor Stephan Picker

Seit 1990 im Radsport aktiv. Bis 2000 quer durch die Kategorien: MTB, Bahn, Strassenradsport danach nur noch im Strassenradsport. Ab Frühjahr 2015 zusätzlich Indoor Cycling.

Lieblingsrennen: Cyclassics Hamburg
Bevorzugtes Profil: 60-80km flach/wellig gerne mit Sprintankunft.
Jahresleistung: 15-18.000Km